Safety is paramount in any sport or activity one chooses to pursue. Bike safety is no different. We compiled a list of essential bike safety gear that can help you focus on looking good and feeling safe! In some places like Vancouver, British Columbia, it is required by law to have these items.

A Bike Helmet

A helmet should fit snugly on your head and not move around when you shake your head back and forth. Helmets are a must-have for riding a bike at any age. They prevent serious head injuries, which can be life-changing or even fatal. It is recommended to replace your helmet every five years, after any severe impact (even if it doesn’t look damaged), or if the foam liner inside the helmet has deteriorated. For any important piece of equipment, it is best to regularly check over your helmet and verify that it’s still in good shape. Some helmet manufacturer’s will even have an expiry date on the label, or check their official website to confirm when is a good time to replace an old helmet.


Lights are essential for night riding. It not only helps you see the road, but it also ensures that other people or vehicles can see you in the dark. In some ways, it is more important to be seen by other users of the road than to see where you’re going. Get the brightest, most colorful lights available. Some riders even wear bright reflective safety vests on the road for added protection. At Bee’s Knees, we have a wide selection of lights to fit your budget and needs.

A Bell or Horn

This is another important piece of equipment that should be installed on your bike. A bell or horn is best used to alert pedestrians and other drivers that you’re approaching. Remember that you need a bell or a horn that can be heard over the roar of traffic or the wind in your ears while riding. 

Where to Buy Essential Bike Safety Gear

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