Riding a bicycle can be fun, but only if you prioritize safety. At our bike shop, Vancouver residents can trust our team to help with their rentals and repairs. 

Anything can happen when you’re out for a ride on the beautiful streets of Vancouver, and the following guide will ensure you enjoy your experience:

Bike Shop VancouverUnderstand bike signals

Particular hand and arm gestures will notify other cyclists and drivers about your intentions so they will be aware of your next move, which will make streets safer for everyone. Communicate with others on the road by letting them know when you will be turning right or left or when you will be stopping. 

It’s also essential that you notify others when moving within your lane so that there are no surprises. Remember that you are sharing the road with other cyclists and drivers, and everyone must follow the rules to ensure safety and prevent accidents or injuries. Your signals should be clear and definitive, as lame gestures may not get your message across.

Learn about the safe and separated bike routes in the city

If you do not want to deal with cars, take the time to learn about designated bike routes because this will allow you to plan a different experience. Many people prefer to ride on these routes because they are safer, so get your hands on a cycling map to access these specific routes in Vancouver. Knowing where to ride will allow you to have a great experience, so make use of city maps.

Make sure you feel comfortable

Riding your bicycle should be enjoyable, and this will only be a possibility if you feel comfortable. When you are nervous or scared, you will panic, which can cause you to get into an accident, or you may cause others around you to get injured due to your actions. If you’re uncomfortable riding on streets, start by practicing on slow routes that don’t get busy, and once you feel more confident and comfortable on your bike, you can then try different routes. Bike riding should always be fun, so stress should not be part of your experience.

Remain alert at all times

When riding a bike, you need to stay alert, concentration is a must. You need to be aware of your route and any obstacles you may face and pay close attention when you approach an intersection. Do not weave in and out of cars, and always shoulder check before you reposition yourself on the road. 

Bike Shop in Vancouver

Looking for a bike shop? Vancouver residents love visiting Bee’s Knees, we care about our customers and will always provide you with exceptional service. Whether you need bike repairs, Vancouver bike owners can take their bike to our shop for quick assistance. If you are interested in bike rental, Vancouver free cycling maps are available at our store to give you an even better experience. If you want to explore the city of Vancouver on a bike or have any questions, we are always ready to help, so contact our shop today!