Winter is a challenging season, and this is especially true for those who commute by bike as snow, slippery conditions and freezing cold temperatures can make it harder to travel. Winter bike commuting can be enjoyable during the winter if you have the right equipment, and the following guide will help you prepare so that you can continue to ride throughout the colder months:

Make Sure You Invest In High-Quality Bike Lights

This is incredibly important as it gets dark a lot earlier during the winter, so you may have to ride to and from work when it’s dark out, and this can be dangerous if you do not have the right lights. Quality bike lights will not only help raise awareness for motorists, but they will also allow you to spot potential road hazards, so you will be able to ride safely. Your lights will alert other drivers of your presence, so headlights and tail lights are a must.

Wear Reflective Bike Clothing

Your clothing should have reflective trim or large reflective panelling, as this will allow you to be seen, and you will be visible to other commuters, so they will know to drive more carefully. Winter conditions and riding at night can be dangerous, but reflective clothing will make a big difference, so don’t stick to traditional garments and purchase bike-specific outerwear.

Make Sure You Have Windproof Gloves

Your hands need to remain warm while you ride, and windproof gloves will ensure your fingers do not freeze, so you will remain comfortable during your commute in the winter months. You need to purchase gloves that have plenty of installation and windproof shells so that they protect you from the cold, and it’s also important that you select gloves with touch-screen compatible index fingers and thumbs and a grip palm so that you can remain in control.

Consider a Phone Mount

Quick and easy access to your smartphone will improve your winter commuting, so it’s a must that you mount your phone where you can easily see it. Your phone can provide you with transit system updates, navigation, and ride data while integrating radar systems, so your winter commute will not only be safer, but more engaging as well. Choose a mount that can secure and angle your phone perfectly for viewing.

Buy Winter Riding Boots

These are ideal for those who have long commutes because they will make a big difference when riding in extreme temperatures. Some boots combine windproof and insulated boots with small LED taillights on the back, which would be perfect if you are looking to increase safety while you ride.

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