Aside from the fact that eBikes are extremely popular in Europe and other parts of the world, there appears to be some mystery surrounding them in North America. While the trend to greener forms of transportation continues, eBikes are a large part of the equation. As they produce a far smaller carbon footprint than vehicles, touring around Vancouver and area on one is not only good for the environment, it is good for your health.

So why are there so many myths out there about eco-friendly eBike? We are not sure but we do know that a myth is not truth and let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

1 – An eBike Is Just A Fancy Moped

This is far from the truth. Side-by-side an eBike is completely different than a moped and even further along the scale from a bicycle of any kind. The construction alone includes components and mechanics that are not built into any other kind of two-wheeler. This makes the operation of an eBike very different. Plus, there’s mileage, fuel, economy, and maintenance benefits that can’t be matched.

2 – An eBike Is Extremely Heavy

Considering the fact that the operating mechanism in an eBike is much like that of an electric scooter, the overall body weight is light. It is also extremely light compared to the weight of a motorcycle, for example. Because eBikes are easy to maneuver due to their lightweight construction, they are suitable for use by men, women, older men, and women and younger children.

3 – An eBike Does Not Offer High-Speed Travel

Sure, in the early days when eBikes were first hitting the market there were restrictions on the speed one could reach. As the marketplace has expanded and more manufacturers are producing this eco-friendly mode of transportation, speeds have also increased. You can credit newer designs and consumer demand for these changes.

4 – An eBike Is Costly

Again, with an increase in choices with more manufacturers entering the eBike market, competition has had an effect on pricing. That means better deals on wheels for you. In fact, not only is your initial investment affordable, your long-term costs will be minimal. An eBike is considered a low-maintenance product and the cost of operating one is also minimal. Something this economical to own and operate cannot be costly.

5 – An eBike Is Noisy

Going back to the construction of an eBike, there are no typical engine parts as you would find in a normal motorized vehicle. In other words, there are no gearboxes, clutch plates, or other complex parts. You could call a ride on an eBike whisper quiet which allows you to further enjoy your surroundings.

Take One Of Our eBikes On A Tour of Vancouver

The green technology that revolves around eBikes is what makes them an attractive choice for a tour bike. There are no worries about running out of gas, and everyone in your family or small tour group can have their own ride. An eBike gives you a different pace which will enhance your visit, trip, or errand run. For more information on our eBike rentals, call us today.