If you want to take an afternoon or day off an explore Vancouver by bike, don’t wait too long for a sunny outlook from Environment Canada because, well…it is Vancouver! Can anyone really predict what is going to happen with our crazy weather with any predictability?

Here are Bees Knees eBike rentals, we can find a rental time that suits not only you or your group but also the weather window you see outside your front door.

We offer 2-hour rentals at only $35, which can get you to a coffee shop, around Stanley Park, and home again before the first rain sprinkles start to happen.

With our rain-friendly renters so far we have seen a great trend – a good old Vancouver rain jacket with warm layers, rain pants if you have them, and Blundstones or Gore-Tex runners seem to be popular. If you bring your own helmet, there is your headcover! If you want to borrow one of our clean rental helmets – they are free of charge and even have an almost hip look to them.

So don’t let the weather get you down – find a destination, a food stop, and think how much you can do in only 2 hours from our location at Burrard and Drake. We are just a starting point away from a great adventure.