Prepare for a fun eBike rental!

We have a lot of people who pop into Bees Knees eBike rentals to ride our eBikes – either on a whim as the sun just came out, or a pre-planned and booked ride around Stanley Park – and who sometimes ride off with excitement, batteries all charged up for a nice long ride, but wearing clothes that just don’t support our ever changing Vancouver weather.

Riders, either new to Vancouver or seasoned locals, sometimes forget that during the off-season riding a bike at faster speeds, along with a wind-chill factor, can be COLD!

And our fickle Vancouver sun can also disappear at any moment and give way to clouds.

Our bikes are FAST

Our Bees Knees eProdigy eBikes are super fun, allowing you to ride hills effortlessly and pedal like a champ. Also, our powerful mid-drive motors will make sure you only work out as much as you want to. But all that wind you are feeling while you pedal effortlessly may require some extra clothing to keep warm. You will likely be riding average speeds that are faster than you would on a traditional bicycle, with less effort, so we want you to dress for the event.

What to wear

So what does all the mean? To take full advantage of our Bees Knees long lasting batteries, dress more like you are going to be riding a motor-scooter than a bicycle.

Here are some suggestions you should have with you when you arrive early for your rental eBike:

  1. A back-pack to stow extra gear should you need it.
  2. Rain jacket – light and packable rain jacket.
  3. Gloves – warm packable gloves.
  4. Toque – good old Canadian stand-by.
  5. Helmet – although we supply free helmets, bringing your own will save time at check-out.
  6. Long pants – light pants that you can move freely in – you will still need to pedal! 🙂

Now that you have the basics covered

We think if you have the basic items listed above, you will have the confidence to ride longer even if the sun turns to clouds. Or, conversely, if the clouds turn to sun, have a way to pack away your outer layers and enjoy the early summer warmth!

Our online eBike rental booking is open now and our eBikesfor as low as $35 for 2 hours, go fast once the sun makes a run for it, so don’t delay!

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